Simien Highlands

Hiking for Climate Justice: how to keep going forward

I must admit that I didn’t greet the new decade with my…
Mountain top

Beyond Sustainable

I’m just back from Peru. What an adventure! I keep asking myself,…
joyful activists

No Need to be an Activist, just be Joyful

When I use the word ‘activist’, I worry that the image…

Forget Ghastly Resolutions… Begin 2018 with Intention

It’s New Year 2018 in the Gregorian calendar and the year 2561…

It's Time to Act!

I recently presented a workshop on Mindful Activism to the South…

An Introduction to Mindful Activism

If I reflect on what I most want in this life, it’s simple.…

Ideas for Contemplative Activists

It's protest day today - Friday 7th April. People are marching…

Small - Broad - Vast Mind

small mind    –    B r o…
student activism

Activist or 'Passivist'?

A friend of mine recently asked, “Why should we regulate our…

The Warm Embrace of Compassion

My father fell off his chair and died. Unexpectedly. Admittedly…