joyful activists

No Need to be an Activist, just be Joyful

When I use the word ‘activist’, I worry that the image…
Keeping both doors open

Spaciousness - Keeping Both Doors Open

Recently, I felt shrink-wrapped into a smaller, tighter version…
Tara Rokpa Centre in winter

Wandering Along the Spiritual Path

I’ve recently returned home from five weeks of teachings, and…

It's Time to Act!

I recently presented a workshop on Mindful Activism to the South…

The Quicksand of Bureaucracy

Mindfulness Practice for Foreign Nationals in RSAI love South…

Effortless Flow

At our retreat in early December, I was exploring an over-riding…

The Crashing Waves of Emotion

I’ve recently been contemplating the way we relate to challenging,…

Immeasurable and Ineffable

“True compassion does not come from wanting to help out those…
student activism

Activist or 'Passivist'?

A friend of mine recently asked, “Why should we regulate our…

The Warm Embrace of Compassion

My father fell off his chair and died. Unexpectedly. Admittedly…