Waterfall rocks

The Mountain Stream of Relationships

The Magoebaskloof Mountain As the autumn ochres started to show,…
joyful activists

No Need to be an Activist, just be Joyful

When I use the word ‘activist’, I worry that the image…

Forget Ghastly Resolutions… Begin 2018 with Intention

It’s New Year 2018 in the Gregorian calendar and the year 2561…
Keeping both doors open

Spaciousness - Keeping Both Doors Open

Recently, I felt shrink-wrapped into a smaller, tighter version…
Tara Rokpa Centre in winter

Wandering Along the Spiritual Path

I’ve recently returned home from five weeks of teachings, and…

It's Time to Act!

I recently presented a workshop on Mindful Activism to the South…

An Introduction to Mindful Activism

If I reflect on what I most want in this life, it’s simple.…

Retreat to Dive Deep

A retreat - a time of solitude in a secluded, natural place -…

The Quicksand of Bureaucracy

Mindfulness Practice for Foreign Nationals in RSAI love South…

A Downtown Jozi Incident and the Unexpected Side Effects of Meditation

I’d been away for a few days in Durban, and wanted to get home…