Simien Highlands

Hiking for Climate Justice: how to keep going forward

I must admit that I didn’t greet the new decade with my…
Mountain top

Beyond Sustainable

I’m just back from Peru. What an adventure! I keep asking myself,…
Waterfall rocks

The Mountain Stream of Relationships

The Magoebaskloof Mountain As the autumn ochres started to show,…
joyful activists

No Need to be an Activist, just be Joyful

When I use the word ‘activist’, I worry that the image…

Forget Ghastly Resolutions… Begin 2018 with Intention

It’s New Year 2018 in the Gregorian calendar and the year 2561…
Keeping both doors open

Spaciousness - Keeping Both Doors Open

Recently, I felt shrink-wrapped into a smaller, tighter version…
Tara Rokpa Centre in winter

Wandering Along the Spiritual Path

I’ve recently returned home from five weeks of teachings, and…

It's Time to Act!

I recently presented a workshop on Mindful Activism to the South…

An Introduction to Mindful Activism

If I reflect on what I most want in this life, it’s simple.…

Retreat to Dive Deep

A retreat - a time of solitude in a secluded, natural place -…