Awareness in Action: Transforming the world from the inside out


I offer regular retreats, which incorporate mindfulness, compassion and yoga practices. These support participants to enhance their levels of awareness for supporting themselves, their communities and the planet. These are usually held at the Tara Rokpa Centre in the North West Province. They are open to individuals or can be arranged for specific groups and organisations.

Lucy Draper-Clarke


I teach 8-week courses in Mindfulness, Compassion and Awareness in Action, from my studio in Auckland Park. I introduce participants to simple meditation practices that can be used to prevent stress and burnout, and to enhance qualities of compassion and wisdom for skillful engagement. I also have an online course on Intention Setting on the Insight Timer app.


I am lecturing at the University of the Witwatersrand, with Drama for Life. The Critical Reflexive Praxis course invites MA students to unlearn their conditioning, by using contemplative practices and engagement with Critical Studies literature. The students are Applied Drama and Drama Therapy scholars, looking to develop skills and sustainability for their social and climate justice work.

The Insight Timer app

Intentions Course

I use the Insight Timer app to post a variety of mindfulness and compassion practices. These are freely available for everyone. The app is also free to download.

I have also uploaded a course, called ‘Finding Joy in Life through Intention Setting.’ It is a 10-day online course available for purchase via the Insight Timer app.

Yoga and Mindfulness Videos